Our Ideal Clients

Do you have the same values as we do ?

  • a continual professional drive to be the best you can be
  • focus on long-term commitment to working relationships
  • an enquiring mind with a positive attitude
  • a well-defined supervision working alliance
  • genuine empathy along with an evaluative stance 
  • a reflective and reflexive approach to learning
  • commitment to ethical maturity
  • resourcefulness and resilience
  • energy for the future of the supervision profession

What you can expect from us ?

  • prioritising our availability to speak with you
  • listening to what you have to say and valuing your opinions
  • being tuned into and sharing what’s happening in supervision
  • thinking ahead and contributing to the supervision profession
  • help with developing your organisational supervision protocols
  • support and help with growing your supervision business
  • provision of supervision resources: past, present and future
  • attention to our psychological contract with you
  • appreciation of your feedback and feedforward

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