'Being a Supervisor'

An Integrative Relational Approach

Are you an experienced coach or a dual practitioner wanting to offer supervision to clients? then this STRETCH™ programme is for you.

This new, innovative and groundbreaking supervision programme is delivered by Patti Stevens on a one-to-one basis over nine, two-hour sessions in total (diarised to suit). Stretch goals together with reflective/reflexive learning journalling, recommended reading, participants' own reading, and supervision practise are required to be undertaken between sessions together with a written submission at the end of the programme.

Included is an initial orientation and contracting session before the STRETCH™ supervision programme commences, together with a final review supervision session after which an invitation is extended to become a member of the CSC Supervision Community of Practice.

About the STRETCHTM Programme

Outline programme framework (eighteen hours of contact time via Zoom)

Supervision environment, self and skills

Thinking together; models, theories, and meaning-making

Reflective, reflexive and relational learning

Ethics, evaluation and empathy

Topography/territory; considering the coaching and therapeutic landscape

Curating your supervision signature

Harmonising learning and developing your future supervision practice

In true relational style, Patti would like to invite you to have an exploratory conversation with her to learn more about each other, give you further information and answer questions before you make a decision to engage on an innovative journey to ‘Being a Supervisor’.

Cost: £2,499.00+vat (payable in three instalments)  www.supervisionconsulting.com
I look forward to hearing from you: patti.stevens@supervisionconsulting.com

Upon completion of BaS programme it is possible to enrol to become accredited to use the unique Coaching Signatures Profile® 2nd Edition at a discounted cost.

Download the flyer or contact Patti

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