Faculty Membership 

What is the Faculty?

Coaching Supervision Company Limited (CSC), having made considerable investment in the CSP over the years, is now making available the Coaching Signatures Profile® (CSP) 2nd Edition blended learning ACSS training programme to a limited number of Accredited Coaching Signatures Supervisors (ACSSs) who provide a unique approach for the supervision of coaches, mentors, leaders and all people development practitioners.

CSC’s aim is to spread supervision good practice to the benefit of all. Patti Stevens founded CSC Ltd. in 2004 and continues to run the company but cannot do this alone! The time has come to recruit other ACSS's to work with her on training and accrediting other supervisors to use the CSP in their own practices, be they independent or 'in-house' corporate organisations, consultancies or supervision training institutions.

The group of ACSSs who do this will become CSC Faculty Members (FMs). It is expected that there will be no more than 20 in number at any given time. There are no geographical limits.
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Why become a Faculty Member?

Your primary motivator will be a belief in how the CSP contributes greatly to the practice of supervision and a matching desire to see it grow across the coaching/supervision profession.

However, you are a coach and supervisor for two reasons – firstly to help people, but also to generate income for your  practice. CSC therefore appreciates that if you are going to devote time to this good work, it has to be financially viable for you.
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The Business Model

There is an initial onboarding and training cost which can be discussed when you express your interest in taking this step. You would be expected to fully recoup that investment when you have accredited your first client. For all subsequent clients, you will make an acceptable surplus recognising the value of your time.

There may be some small marketing cost to you, to make it known that you are offering this service, and you will need to invest some time in that marketing, but we do not expect that to be in any way burdensome. CSC will also make available to you their own marketing material but you are free to create your own marketing content and to share it in the manner you see fit, so long as that is within the terms of Faculty Member Agreement.
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Next steps

You need to consider whether as an ACSS you want to move forward and become a Faculty Member. Click here to contact Patti.

On your part, you need to speak to supervisors about the benefits of becoming an Accredited Coaching Signatures Supervisor (ACSS).

On CSC’s part, we will proactively market the service to supervisors. If supervisors express an interest in knowing more, we may deal with those enquiries ourselves but will consider passing those enquiries to a Faculty Member to deal with. The distribution of any such referrals might be based on the geography involved, or on other criteria, but CSC’s aim will be to distribute as fairly as possible.

Would you like to take the next step?
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