The Coaching Signatures Profile® (CSP) 2nd Edition 

Would you benefit from:

  • Analysis and insight of your most natural self coaching signature
  • Provision of a framework and shared language to develop, monitor and evaluate your coaching practice
  • Awareness of different coaching postures you adopt with clients
  • Creation of strategies for developing alternative and appropriate coaching interventions
  • Matching coaching practice appropriately
  • Adherence to best practice
  • Increased self-awareness, versatility and confidence within your coaching practice

What kind of coach are you?

A good question; how good is your answer?

Can you respond clearly and with confidence in a way that sets you apart in an increasingly competitive market?
Thunique CSP is an established profiling tool but is so much more than just a profiling tool.  It provides a comprehensive report which gives a framework of eight coaching styles or ‘postures’.

By having a supervision session with an Accredited Coaching Signatures Supervisor (ACSS) it gives you the data and insight to discover and reflect on your unique Coaching Signature and understand how your current coaching is impacting on your clients.

The CSP helps you to reflect on how you may become more flexible in your coaching behaviours by learning and developing different coaching styles or ‘postures’  thus becoming empowered to coach in a way that will enhance and improve your coaching ability and performance.  

CSP Testimonials 

“Having done my Coaching Signatures Profile (with Patti Stevens), I can recommend it as an insightful mirror that helps us reflect both on our coaching aspirations as well as our current coaching practice and strengths”
Peter Hawkins, author, and Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School
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“At John Lewis Partnership we have over 140 internal coaches and using this tool has supported the personal and professional development of our coaches and provided a framework to enable their coaching practice to mature. By using the landscape metaphor and reflecting on the spectrum of their practice across the four Zones, each coach can deepen their awareness of the space they offer to their clients and how this impacts their relationship and coaching approach. The CSP tool has enhanced the powerful learning partnership for both the supervisor and their supervisee (the coach) and brought a new level of sophistication to our supervision. Thank you to Patti and her team for their continued support and inspiration”
Sophie O’Sullivan, Partnership Coach & Lead Coach Supervisor, John Lewis Partnership
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“The Coaching Signatures Profile combines the use of landscape metaphor, stance and space to articulate and describe our individual and unique way of being a Coach. I found it liberating. It gave me excellent insights into how I engage with coachees and with coaching. It did more than that: it also provided me with suggestions on how I might increase my effectiveness as a Coach. I don’t think it will radically change my signature but the Coaching Signature Profile will definitely help me write it more clearly, both for myself and others”
Michael Carroll Ph.D. Visiting Industrial Professor, University of Bristol 
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"As a prolific user and fan of the CSP I see many opportunities which go beyond the coaching relationships that this approach has focussed upon. I have long believed that leaders would value the CSP approach to consider how they lead and how they need to flex their style to meet the needs of others across the complex systems in which they work. When I am in conversation with many of my supervisees, we often explore their signature postures in comparison to their leadership styles and this fills reflective discussions which lead to considerable growth and awareness for my clients"
Becci Martin, Director of Coaching, Boo Coaching & Consulting
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